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Training "Cloud HPC", September 28th & 29th 2011

Co-organized by the Association Aristote and ActiveEon SAS in cooperation with EIT ICT Labs and INRIA

A training “CLOUD & HPC”: Workflow, Applications, Portal, and Management of Infrastructure with OW2 Open Source ProActive Parallel Suite.

Wednesday on September 28th & Thursday 29th 2011

Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP, RER Luxembourg) 11 Rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005 Paris auditorium 01

Registration: 1 100 € exclusive of tax for two days

Please do note that attendance is limited. They will be granted in the order of the registrations.


This training was designed by the best European experts in the field of the CLOUD Computing. The objective is to be both practical, proposing applicable solutions and dealing with concrete examples on machines, and conceptual by introducing general concepts. The training aims mainly for developers and responsible of applications to be executed on the CLOUD, and for the responsible of Information System in charge of the consolidation of their infrastructure, and for the persons wishing to acquire a specific understanding of the available solutions today in Open Source for CLOUD Computing.

The participants should come with their laptop PC (Linux, Windows, or Mac) to benefit from the installation of tools, access in real time a Cloud platform in production, and participate in the implementation of applications and\or get educated to the administration of a Cloud.

Synopsis of the training

First day Wednesday 28th September 2011
9:00am Reception-coffee
10:00am Overview of the two days training
10:15am General introduction about CLOUD Computing
11:00am Break
11:15am Présentation of the solution Open Source ProActive Parallel Suite
—Uses cases: Engineering, IT, BioTech, Finance, etc.
—Technical Computing: Interface and direct use of a CLOUD from Matlab / Scilab
—Management of native Scheduler: LSF, PBS, SGE, LoadLeveler
—Virtualization: VMware Server/ESX, XenServer, VirtualBox, KVM/Qemu/Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V
12:30-14:00pm Lunch on your own
14:00pm Presentation of a production platform (1 200 cores)
—Démonstrations of Use Cases
14:45pm Practical session: guided installation of client GUIs on participants’ PCs
16:00pm Break
16:30pm Basic Use of client GUIs and of the Portal
—Tests with supplied applications
18:00pm End of the first day
Second day Thursday 29th September 2011
9:00am Reception-coffee
9:30am Advanced Workflows and use of a Graphic Editor of Workflows
—Test, Loop and Parametric Variation, Submission and Execution on the Cloud
11:00am Break
11:15am Administration of a Cloud: general presentation
—Servers/Clusters/Desktops resources, Physical and Virtual Machines
—POn-demand static and dynamic politics (with Power saving)
12:30-14:00pm Free lunch
14:00pm A la carte: Practical exercises with support from tutors
—Build and launch on the Cloud your own application
—Create and Administer your own Cloud
16:00pm Break
16:30pm Continue A la carte
17:30pm End of the training
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